John 16:7 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary


1) "Nevertheless I tell you the truth;" (all' ego ten aletheian lego humin) "But I tell you all the truth," disclose to you all, my true comrads my witnesses. My chosen ones, my church, this because I see and know the end, the whole end, the whole, to your advantage.

2) "It is expedient for you that I go away:" (sumpherei humin hina ego apeltho) "It is to your benefit that I should go away," to your advantage, to you my church people, who are to do my work while I am away in my Father's estate, preparing an estate residence for each of you all, Joh 14:1-3; 1Co 2:9; Joh 20:21-22.

3) "For if I go not away," (ean gar me apeltho) "For if I do not go away," as it is in the will of the Father, to my Father, to commune with Him as person-to-person, as I have told you that I would, Joh 14:1-3; Joh 14:16-18.

4) "The Comforter will not come unto you;" (ho parakletos ou me elthe pros humas) "The Comforter (paraclete) does not or will not come to you all by any means," unless and until I do go to the Father, Joh 14:16; Joh 14:19-21; Joh 14:25-27.

5) "But if I depart," (ena de poreutho) "Yet if I go away," as I will, as I have told you, again and again.

6) "I will send him unto you." (pempso auton pros humas) "I will send him to you all," in and on behalf of my Father, which He did, Luk 24:49; Act 2:1-4. The universal presence of the Holy Spirit, in and through the personal, physical, restricted presence of Christ, would be on earth, as indicated, Joh 16:8-11, as follows:

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