John 16:6 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "But because I have said these things unto you," (all' hoti tauta lelaleka humin) "But because I have spoken these things to you all," at length, Joh 12:1 to Joh 15:27; Especially had the sorrow become heavier, since two days before the Passover, when Judas Iscariot took the sop-morsel from Jesus, as He had given sign to John that one who took the sop would be the treacherous traitor; After which Judas stalked out, Joh 13:21-30.

2) "Sorrow hath filled your heart." (he leupe pepleroken humon ten kardian) "Grief has filled your heart," natural sorrow and grief that had excluded all other thoughts. It should soon turn to joy, as His victorious death, resurrection, ascension, and the sending of the Holy Ghost as a paraclete or vice-gerant drew nigh, Joh 16:21-23; Joh 16:33; Php_4:4; 1Th 5:16. Let it be continuously recalled that the cross is the way to the crown, Heb 2:9-15; 2Ti 4:7-8; Rev 2:10; Gal 6:14.

It is true:

"I must needs go home by the way of the cross. There's no, other way but this.

I shall n'er get sight of the gates of light. If the way of the cross I miss."

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