John 16:4 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "But these things have I told you," (alla tauta lelakleka humin) "But these things I have spoken to you all," regarding my departure, fruit-bearing, the coming of the Holy Spirit to empower you all, my resurrection, trials you are to face, and my coming back to take you to your estate with me and the Father, Joh 13:1 to Joh 15:27.

2) "That when the time shall come," (hina hotan elthe he hora auton) "In order that when their hour comes," for all these things I have told you that are before you, and when they occur, as they will, Psa 119:160; Joh 14:6.

3) "Ye may know that I told you of them." (mnemoneuete auton hoti ego eipon humin) "You all may remember that I told you of them," that their faith might be confirmed, strengthened, or increase in the trustworthiness of His Word and assurance that their labors were not in vain in Him, Mat 26:31-32; Mat 28:6-7; Mat 28:16-17; Luk 24:44-45.

4) "And these things I said not unto you at the beginning," (tauta de humin eks arches ouk eipon) "However I said these things not to you from the beginning," because He was with them to help, to serve, to comfort and to guide. Then they "could not bear them," He Himself indicated, earlier in His ministry, Joh 6:66; Joh 16:12. He also was their personal security and protection while with them, Mat 9:15.

5) "Because I was with you." (hoti meth' humon hemen) "Because I was (present) with you all," to love, to care, to guide to the end, Joh 13:1. True people of God care for their children, their families, and their friends who may be left behind when they are gone. Jesus did; Paul did; Peter did; Jude did; Do I? Act 20:26-32; 1Ti 3:15; 2Ti 4:1-8; 2Pe 1:1-2; 2Pe 1:12-14; 2Pe 3:1-2; Jud 1:1-4.

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