John 16:32 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Behold, the hour cometh," (idou erchetai hora) "Behold, there comes an hour," a time that is at hand, Joh 17:1.

2) "Yea, is now come," (kai eleluthen) "And it has arrived," is upon you all. These words were spoken during or shortly after the last Passover our Lord ate with His disciples in the upper room.

3) "That ye shall be scattered, every man to his own," (hina skorpisthete hekastos eis ta idia) "in order that (that will cause) each one of you all to be scattered to his own things," as prophesied, Zec 13:7; Mat 26:31; Mat 26:56; To be scattered as the hireling deserts his sheep when the wolf approaches, Joh 10:12.

4) "And shall leave me alone:" (kame monon aphete) "And you all will leave me alone," or you will all desert me, as even the Father also did for a moment, Mat 27:46; Mar 14:27; Mar 14:50. While alone, for a temporary time, while He vanquished sin, conquered death, hell, and the grave, bearing our sins in His body, on the accursed tree, Gal 3:13; 1Pe 2:24; Psa 22:3; Mat 27:46.

5) "And yet I am not alone," (kai ouk eimi monos) "And (yet) I am (exist) not alone," as Paul alone, was not alone, 2Ti 1:15; 2Ti 4:16-17; Heb 13:5.

6) "Because the Father is with me." (hoti ho pater met' mou estin) "Because the Father is (exists) with me," right now and the Father's being with Him was more than any or all who could be against Him, for He is "greater than all," Joh 14:28.

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