John 16:30 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Now are we sure that thou knowest all things," (nun oidamen hoti oidas panta) "Now and hereafter we perceive or comprehend that you know all things," or you are knowledgeable of all things, as the Son of God, Joh 2:24-25; Joh 21:17. Now in contrast with Joh 16:19.

2) "And needest not that any man should ask thee:" (kai ou chreian echeis hina tis se erota) "And there is no need that anyone should question you further," as they had done, Joh 16:18-19, to explain what you mean, Luk 24:44-45.

3) "By this we believe," (en touto pisteuomen) "in this we trust," because you know all things, and have told us plainly, Joh 21:17; Psa 139:1-4.

4) "That thou camest forth from God." (hoti apo theo ekselthes) "That you came forth from God," because of what you have told and shown us from the Father, Joh 14:9; Col 1:15. It was an enthusiastic affirmation of their faith in Him, to which He replied.

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