John 16:18 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "They said therefore," (elegon oun) "Then they said," they chattered one with another, as recounted concerning the Emmaus road disciples, Luk 24:13-17.

2) "What is this that he saith," (touto ti estin ho legei) "Just what is this which, the essence or real meaning of what he says,"

3) "A little while?" (to mikron) "A little while?" (ouk oidamen ti lalei) "We do not perceive, understand, or comprehend what he says." The first "little while" was less than a day, when He was crucified and buried, and the second ''little while" was when He had risen again; It was and is a little while in comparison with eternity, a little while since He went back to the glory of the Father, to intercede for our sins, and to prepare an heavenly estate for us, Heb 7:25; Joh 14:1-3; A little while for us to do His work, to labor on, a little while till the old ship of Zion shall behold the lights in the harbor of glory and life's stormy sea will have been crossed, a little while until the landing. Until then let us sail on, and serve on, and on, 1Co 15:58; Gal 6:9; Heb 10:36-37.


"A little while, and ye again shall see me."

Surely Thou tarriest long,

Bridegroom beloved! When shall this night of weeping

Be turned to song?

With heaven so far beyond us.

And earth so near to lure us and beguile,

How long! Oh! Thou didst promise but to tarry

"A little while."

"A little while," the whole creation waits Thee

In hope and fear;

Surely the sound of that swift-driven chariot

At length I hear.

0 earth! earth! earth! arouse thee!

Wake from thy tears, put on thy glory-smile!

Surely He cometh: and He will but tarry

"A little while."

Every Christian should lay down at night with the solemn hope, perhaps tomorrow we will see the lights of home, land on the shore of the Father's estate. It may be that only our limited vision keeps us from seeing the opening of the gates of glory just before us, and only our dull hearing prevents us from hearing the bells of joy and the bugle call that now welcomes us to that heavenly land. That death is so near to us, as believers, is too good to be believed, for death is a friend that conducts victoriously into the presence of the Lord, 1Co 15:54-57; 2Co 5:6-8.

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