John 15:7 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "If ye abide in me," (ean meinete en emoi) "If you all remain in me," as your guide in faith and practice, Jud 1:3, or exist in me, in a vital, regenerate way, as a new creature, with spiritual life, 2Co 5:17; Jas 1:21. If not, the vine is not to blame, for He calls all to have or receive life in, receive life from Him, Joh 14:6; Even more abundantly.

2) "And my words abide in you," (kai ta hremata mou en humin meine) "And my words remain in you all," as the true branches, fruit-bearing branches that testify of your true nature from the true vine, Joh 15:1; Joh 14:13; Col 3:16; 1Jn 2:14.

3) "Ye shall ask what ye will," (ho ean thelete aitesasthe) "You all shall ask whatever you strongly wish," as my branch -disciples, my called and chosen, witnesses, my church that I shall send forth shortly into all the world, after my Father empowers you to go forth by the Holy Ghost, which He shall send to you all, Joh 15:16; Joh 15:26-27; Luk 24:46-49; Joh 7:17.

4) "And it shall be done unto you." (kai genesetai humin) "And it shall happen to you," or come to be as you will it. Prayers of the redeemed are fruit of a new nature and obediently offered to the Lord they increase cleanliness and fruit in the one who asks, Mat 6:11; Joh 16:23-24; Jas 1:5-6; 1Ki 3:22; 1Ki 5:14.

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