John 15:27 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And ye also shall bear witness." (kai humeis de martureite) "Then you all shall also witness concerning me," Act 1:8; Act 2:32; Act 4:20; You all who are the branches, with vital heart connection with the vine, whom I have chosen as my House, my light-bearing agency, my preserving workers, as the salt of the earth, and as my bride, Mar 13:34; 1Ti 3:15; Mat 5:13-16; Joh 3:29.

2) "Because ye have been with me from the beginning." (hoti ap' arches met' emou este) "Because you all (as my church) are and have been with me from the beginning," 1Jn 1:2, of my ministry, in Galilee, Act 10:37; Mat 4:12-22; And as apostles from the baptism of John, Act 1:21-22. And you shall continue, after you are empowered, to go to all nations with my message, Joh 20:21; Luk 24:46-49; Act 1:8; Act 2:4.

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