John 15:20 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Remember the word that I said unto you," (mnemoneuete tou logou ou ego eipon humin) "You all remember the word which I said directly to you," the instructions and disclosures I made to you, in my first address to you as my New Covenant church company, Mat 5:10-12; 2Ti 3:2.

2) "The servant is not greater than his lord." (ouk estin doulos meigon kuriou autou) '.'A slave-servant is (exists) not greater than his lord," Joh 13:16-18; Luk 6:40.

3) "If they have persecuted me," (ei me edioksan) "If they persecuted me," and they did, therefore His servants who follow Him will not be immune to a like hatred from the world, as hatred that will bring them suffering, Mat 10:24-28.

4) "They will also persecute you," (kai humas dioksousin) "They will also persecute you all," 2Ti 3:12; "All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution," and should count it an honor to do so for Christ, Act 5:40-42; 1Pe 4:12-14.

5) "If they have kept my saying," (ei ton logon mou eteresan) "if they have kept (accepted or guarded) my word," which they had not done, Joh 1:11; Mat 23:37; Joh 8:24; Joh 12:48.

6) "They will keep yours also." (kai ton humeteron teresousin) "They will also keep or guard yours," that is, they of the world order, in the main will rejected you, as they have rejected me. And for similar reasons, because your testimony and your lives of love will convict them as that of Stephen did, Act 7:51-60.

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