John 15:15 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "Henceforth I call you not servants;” (ouketi lego humas doulous) "I no longer call you slave servants," or vassels who must obey without reason, as an hireling (without sympathy) obeys a despotic master. Progressively He addressed His maturing disciples as 1) First, Servants. 2) Second, Friends, Joh 15:15; Joh 15:3) as Brethren, Joh 20:17; Heb 2:11.

2) "For the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth:” (hoti ho doulous ouk oiden ti poiei autou ho kurios) "Because the slave-servant of the despot knows not what his lord does:" It is his "to do or die." He questions not his master about anything.

3) "But I have called you friends;" (humas de eireka philous) "However I have called you all friends," comrades who are hereafter to carry on my work. And I have promised that you would have a comforting, understanding, compassionate paraclete helper, the Holy Spirit, not a despotic slave master with a rod over you, Joh 14:16-18; Joh 16:7; Joh 16:13-15.

4) "For all things that I have heard of my Father," (hoti panta ha ekousa para tou patros mou) "Because all things which I heard from my Father," that He desired you all to know, to be, and to do, Mat 20:25-28; Joh 20:21; Act 1:8.

5) "I have made known unto you." (egnorisa humin) "I have disclosed to you all," Jesus trusted His disciples, as He expected them to trust Him, for all their needs, as they went forth into all the world to do His work, Mat 28:18-20; Pro 3:5-6; Luk 24:46-49.

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