John 14:27 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Peace I leave with you," (eirenen aphiemi humin) "Peace I give over to you all," which you received from me, by access of faith to justification, a present and continuing state of peace from God and peace with God, Rom 5:1; Which is more than the world could give.

2) "My peace I give unto you:" (eirenen ten emen didomi humin) "My peace I give or dole out to you all," or bequeath to you all, Joh 16:33; It is also called the "peace of God," that is to rule in one's heart, in obedient service to God and one's fellowman, Rom 14:17; Col 3:15. The usual farewell was "peace" but in this instance Jesus spoke it as a "will" bequeathed to them.

3) "Not as the world gives," (ou kathos ho kosmos didosin) "Not as the world gives or doles out," as a temporary peace, one that is so empty, that is fickle, that comes and goes, alluding to pleasures, treasures, and honors that come from the world, 1Jn 2:15-17.

4) "Give I unto you." (ego didomi humin) "Do I give to you all," for my peace is one that passes (surpasses) "all understanding" in standing guard over heart and mind of His obedient children, Php_4:7.

5) "Let not your heart be troubled," (me tarassestho humon he kardia) "Do not let your heart (center of affections) be troubled," overanxious, or frustrated, or a slave to trouble and anxiety, Joh 14:1; Heb 13:5. Don't let your soul shudder with fear. (mede deiliato) "Nor let it be fearful," Rom 8:15.

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