John 14:25 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "These things have I spoken unto you," (tauta lelaleka humin) "These things I have spoken directly to you all," Joh 13:18-19; Joh 13:33; Joh 13:36-38; to you all as my disciples and my church, personally and privately, the things of this chapter in particular, were spoken to a spirit-troubled church company that had been disturbed over His confiding to them of His imminent betrayal and death, Joh 14:1-3.

2) "Being yet present with you." (par' humin menon) "While presently remaining with you all," before I go away, in death, and later by ascension back to the Father; as He related Mat 26:31-32; Act 1:10-11.

This was an intimate moment of final bequest our Lord was reviewing with His disciples.

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