John 14:24 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings:” ho me agapon me tous logous mou ou terei) "The one who does not love me affectionately keeps not my words,'' He does not regard my teachings. He who does not serve God by love, does not serve Him by fear either. Fear-service is self-aggrandizement service that is not of God, and avails nothing, Gal 5:6; Rom 10:1-4; Jas 2:14-17.

2) "And the word which ye hear is not mine," (kai ho logos akouete ouk estin emos) ''And the word which you all hear is not (exists not as) mine," personally or individually, not apart from Him who sent me and gave me His message, as I have loved you all and given to you all the teaching and administration of my Word and work, Joh 5:30; Joh 5:43.

3) "But the Father's which sent me." (alla tou pempsantos me patros) "But they are the words or Word of my Father who sent me," Joh 3:17; Joh 6:38; Joh 8:29; Joh 8:38; Joh 8:47; Joh 12:49; Joh 17:4-5; Joh 17:8.

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