John 14:21 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "He that hath my commandments," (ho echon tas entolas mou) "The one having, holding or possessing my commandments," continually in heart and memory as given Joh 13:34-35; Joh 14:15; Luk 9:23.

2) "And keepeth them," (kai teron autas) "And the one who guards, keeps, protects, or adheres to them," observes them, obediently, as a servant obeys his master, Joh 14:21; Joh 15:14; 1Jn 2:5.

3) "He it is that loveth me:" (ekeinos estin ho agapon me) "That one is the one who loves me," Joh 15:9-12; Joh 15:14. True love is not a mere sentimental fancy but affection so genuine of soul that it motivates obedient service.

4) "And he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father," (ho de agapon me agapethesetai hupo tou patros mou) "And the one who loves me (with a priority love), by choice, by his own volition, he will be loved of my Father, for my sake, Joh 14:23-24.

5) "And I will love him," (kago agapeso auton) "And I will love him," with an holy affectionate love, Joh 14:21; He loved; He loves; and He will always love His own, unto the end; For it is written, "Having loved His own He loved them unto the end, Joh 13:1.

6) "And will manifest myself to him." (kai emphaniso auto emauton) "And I will manifest myself personally to him," or make myself known to him, that I dwell in him and that he dwells in me, by the Spirit and by the Word, Joh 14:21; Rom 8:14-16; Rom 8:26-27; Joh 17:24-26.

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