John 14:16 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary


1) "And I will pray the Father," (kago eroteso ton patera) "And I will request the Father," appeal to the Father, my Father in heaven and yours, from whom I came and to whom I am soon returning, Joh 16:17; Joh 16:27-28; Luk 11:13.

2) "And he shall give you another comforter," (kai allon parakleton dosei humin) "And he will give-you another comforter," one to strengthen, a paraclete, an helper, one to go along with and beside you, when I have gone to my Father's residence, He is one who will come into the assembly of you all, and remain there to help you forever, Luk 24:29; Act 1:8; Act 2:4.

3) "That he may abide with you forever." (hina he meth' humon eis ton aiona) "In order that he may be with you all forever, - into the age, the heavenly age, when you come to my Father's house, as my bride, into the ages, Eph 3:21; Joh 16:7; Joh 16:13-14. This is something Jesus could not do forever in His bodily presence. This paraclete (comrade or companion) is also referred to as or translated "advocate," as a person called to one's aid or assistance, especially in courts of justice, to represent or defend one, 1Jn 2:1.

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