John 13:4 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "He riseth from supper," (egeretai ek tou deipnou) "He rises or arose out of and away from supper," where He had reclined, at the meal of tribute to Him, there in the home of Simon the leper in Bethany, Joh 12:2; Mat 26:2-6; Mar 14:2-6.

2) "And laid aside his garments," (kai tithesin ta himatia) "And put aside his garments," Mat 26:65, His loose outer garments, to stoop to the deed of humiliation that He was about to render to every apostle present, including the treacherous and traitorous Judas Iscariot, Joh 13:2; Luk 22:27; It was an act of a servant, an humble servant, Php_2:7-8.

3) "And took a towel, and girded himself." (kai labon lention diezosen heauton) "And taking a towel he girded himself," or using a long linen cloth, He tied it around Himself, as a servant or humble slave of the day prepared for a menial task, to hold His under garment tight about Him, and to use part of the long portion of the towel hanging in front to wipe the feet of those He was about to wash, Joh 21:7; 1Pe 5:5.

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