John 13:37 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Peter said unto him, Lord," (legei auto ho Petros kurie) "Peter said to him, Lord," directly and personally, concerning himself. Peter seemed to think Jesus was about to enter some new enterprise that He was not willing to let him in on, and felt discredited, or rejected.

2) "Why cannot I follow thee now?" (dia ti ou dunamai soi akolouthesai arti) ''Why am I not able to follow you yet?" Peter did not know himself as he should, nor the work he was yet to be prepared to do; 1 ) In preaching the message on Pentecost ' 2) In preaching to the Cornelius household; 3) In writing two books of the New Testament, in spite of his continuing carnal, impulsive weaknesses, but the Lord knew all, Isa 55:8-9.

3) "I will lay down my life for thy sake." (ten psuchen mou huper sou theso) "I will lay down my life (will even die) on behalf of you,'' and he meant it. His courage did fail when tested at the trial of Jesus, and he did deny the Lord, any identity with His church, and even curse; But he was great, because like David, he confessed his sins, and arose to go on and serve and die for Jesus, as he asserted he was willing to do, Mat 26:33; Mar 14:29; Luk 22:33.

The other disciples also avowed their fidelity to Him, even including Thomas, Joh 11:16; though they too were carnal, and later denied Him as well, Mat 26:35; Mar 14:31.

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