John 13:33 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Little children, yet a little while I am with you," (tekna eti mikron meth' humon eimi) "Little children, I-am with you all yet a little while," for but a limited time now remaining; It was a tender address some three days before His death.

2) "Ye shall seek me," (zetesete me) "You all will seek me," search for me, Mat 26:30-31.

3) "And as I said unto the Jews," (kai kathos eipon tois loudaiois) "And just as I said to the Jews," to the unregenerate Jews who had received Him not, only a short time before, Joh 1:11; Joh 7:34.

4) "Whither I go, ye cannot come;” (hoti hopou ego hupago humeis ou dunasthe elthein) "That where I am you all are not able to come," Joh 8:21; Joh 8:24. This He had said to prepare the eleven disciples remaining that evening for the sorrow before them and their being prepared to accept it.

5) "So now I say unto you." (kai humin lego arti) "I also say to you all now," at this time, as my disciples that you can not (are not able now) but shall come to me as my disciples hereafter, Joh 13:36; Joh 14:1-3. He desired to draw them into a united affection and fellowship with one another, that they might carry on His work that He was to turn directly and restrictedly to them, as His church when He was gone, Joh 15:16; Joh 15:27; Joh 20:21.

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