John 13:32 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) ''If God be glorified in him," (ei ho theos edoksasthe en auto) "If God was (is) glorified in him," and He was.

2) "God shall also glorify him in himself," (kai ho theos edoksasei auton en auto) "God will also glorify him in him," in His resurrection of Him from the dead, Rom 8:11; Act 2:24; Act 2:26; Act 3:15; Act 4:10; Act 5:31; Act 7:55.

3) "And shall straightway glorify him." (kai euthus doksasei auton) "And he will glorify him forthwith," or immediately, in triumph over death, without extended delay, within some three days now, Mat 26:31-32; followed by His ascension to the Father, Act 1:10-11; Act 10:40; Act 13:30; Act 13:33-34; Act 13:37.

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