John 13:30 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "He then having received the sop," (labon oun to psomion) "Then upon having received the morsel," dipped in the sop, and having eaten it, as a token of friendship from Jesus' own hand, Psa 41:9.

2) "Went immediately out," (ekeinos ekselthen euthus) "That one went out immediately," of his own choice, from the best friend he ever had, and from the church fellowship, as seized by Satan, incited from a wicked heart, Jer 17:9; Joh 13:2; Joh 13:27; certainly taking the money bag with him, Joh 13:29; Joh 12:6.

3) "And it was night." (en de nuks) "And it was night," one of earth's darkest nights spiritually, for both Jesus and Judas went to the chief priests and entered into a collusion-contract to lead the murderers of Jesus to Him, at the earliest possible moment, in some private place, Mat 26:14-16; Mar 14:10-11; Luk 22:3-6.

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