John 13:23 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Now there was leaning on Jesus' bosom," (hen anakeimenos en to kolpo tou lesous) "There was reclining at the bosom of Jesus," leaning on His breast, with affection.

2) "One of his disciples," (heis ek ton matheton autou) “0ne out of and from his chosen disciples," one of the twelve. It was John who was seated or reclining, leaning on one elbow, leaving the other free for eating, as he was next to Jesus at the guest table that evening.

3) "Whom Jesus loved." (hon egapa ho lesous) "Whom Jesus loved," a phrase often used of John, and of Peter also, Joh 20:2. John used this phrase concerning himself, in modesty, not calling his own name, but identifying himself as the writer of this Gospel, Joh 21:20; Joh 21:24.

1) ''Simon Peter therefore beckoned to him," (neuei oun touto Simon Petros kai legei auto) "Then Simon Peter nodded to this one (on Jesus' breast)," and says to him, as later identified, Joh 21:20.

2) "That he should ask," (kai legei auto) "And suggested that he ask Jesus," or inquire and see if he could get Jesus to tell him, which one of the twelve it was, for he was nearest to Jesus.

3) "Who it should be of whom he spake,"(eipe tis estin peri hou legei) "Say or state who it is about whom he speaks," to tell them plainly, directly. Yet, the Lord's thoughts are not man's thoughts, Isa 55:8-9.

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