John 13:2 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And supper being ended," (kai deipnou ginomenou) "And during supper," or being then in progress, having commenced. This supper is still the supper in the home of Simon the Leper, in Bethany, before the Passover two days, as begun, Joh 12:1-50, Mat 26:2; Mar 14:1-3, No account of the Passover or the Lord's supper appears to have been given by John, where no breaking of bread, giving of thanks, or the cup and drink in remembrance of Him is mentioned by John.

2) "The devil having now put into the heart," (tou diabolou ede beblekotos eis ten kardian) "The de l having already fixed in the heart," put or set in the affections, the devil himself, not a mere demon under his jurisdiction, Rev 20:10. The devil had thrust the covetous idea of betrayal for a bribe into the heart or affection of Judas, though he himself chose to pursue the deed, for greed, Eph 6:16.

3) "Of Judas Iscariot," (Ioudas) "Of Judas," who was also known as the son of Iscariot, the one then harboring betrayal, in resolute form, in his heart, Luk 22:3-6.

4) "Simon's son, to betray him." (Simonos Iskariotes) "The son of Simon of Iscariot," (hina paradoi auton) "In order that he might betray him," or deliver Him over, in treachery, to His enemies, for crucifixion, a thing he chose to do when incited by the treacherous idea, as foreknown by our Lord, Joh 6:70-71.

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