John 13:19 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Now I tell you before it come," (ap' arti lego humin pro tou genesthai) "From this moment, I tell you all, before it occurs or happens;" He had repeatedly alluded to His coming betrayal by Judas, and it was becoming increasingly evident who he meant, both the person and the deed, Joh 14:29; Joh 16:4.

2) "That when it is come to pass," (hina hotan genetai) "In order that when it occurs, or happens," comes about, as it surely would, Joh 13:21; Joh 10:35.

3) "Ye may believe that I am he." (pisteuete hoti ego eimi) "You all may believe or trust I am (exist as) he," the Savior, the Divine one. Our Lord's personal prophecy, of what this certain apostle would do to Him, was a sign by which the disciples were to be helped, Joh 20:30-31.

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