John 13:17 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "If ye know these things," (ei tauta oidate) "If you all perceive or comprehend these things," these matters of humility, hospitality, and lowly service to one another and men about you, in general, Jas 1:25, Gal 5:13. For to the one knowing "to do good" and doing it not, to him it is sin, Jas 4:17.

2) "Happy are ye," (makarioi este) "You are happy," or exist with spiritual prosperity. Happiness comes to one, not through seeking or searching for it, but in honorable moral and ethical behavior before and in behalf of others, in service to God, and one's fellow man, Mat 20:28; Job 5:17; Pro 16:20; 1Pe 4:14.

3) "If ye do them" (ean poiete auta) "If you do them." The doer of the Word is blessed and happy, not the hearer only, Jas 1:22; Joh 14:15; Joh 15:14; Eph 2:10. Sorrow, sadness, and despond come primarily to those who serve neither God nor their fellow man, bringing guilt, shame, fear, and a feeling of inadequacy to their lives, Jas 4:17; Gal 6:9; 2Ti 4:7-8.

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