John 13:12 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "So after he had washed their feet," (hoti enipsen tous podas a uton) "Then when he had washed their feet," or bathed the feet of the twelve. Note the love of God, in the person of Jesus Christ, stooped at the end of a long day, weary, and washing the feet of a wicked soul, one who would enter a contract later that night to deliver Him to the slaughter, for 30 pieces of silver, Mat 26:14-16.

2) "And had taken his garments," (kai elaben ta himatia autou) "And when he had taken his garments," put His outer garments back on, and laid aside the towel with which He girded Himself and dried their feet, Joh 13:4-5.

3) "And was set down again," (kai anepesen palin) "And when he had reclined again," at the table, Joh 12:1; Joh 13:2.

4) "He said unto them," (eipen autois) "He said to them," to the disciples, with Judas Iscariot still present.

5) "Know ye what I have done to you?" (ginoskete ti pepoieka humin) "Do you all know what I have done to you?" What the meaning of my washing your feet signifies? By washing their feet He had bathed their hearts in humility, except Judas Iscariot. He had turned a group of angry, wrangling, tongue-wagging, jealous men into a company of humbled and united disciples. Their complaints over Mary's anointing Him with the precious spikenard ointment earlier in the evening had now turned to humble admiration of His washing their feet, Joh 12:38; Mat 26:6-13. They seem not to have replied to His question, as if He had said, "Do you want to know the meaning of what I have done?"

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