John 13:11 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "For he knew who should betray him," (edei gar ton paradidonta auton) "For he knew who was then betraying him," and who went out to enter a sales contract on Him later that same night, Joh 13:30. Mat 26:14-16 describes where he went and what he did, in premeditated preparation for the betrayal.

2) "Therefore said he," (dia touto eipen) "On account of this he said," to Peter and the others who were present that night, an extension of what He had told them before, though they had not understood it, nor did they, even then, Joh 6:64.

3) "Ye are not all clean." (hoti ouchai pantes katharoi este) "That you are not all clean," not all twelve of you twelve especially, Joh 13:18; Joh 13:26-30.

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