John 12:9 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) ''Much people of the Jews therefore knew," (egno oun ho ochlos polus ek ton loudaion) "Then the great crowd of the Jews knew,'' or realized, evidently from reports of some who had recently seen Him in the area; It was the common people who "heard Him gladly," Mar 12:37.

2) "That he was there:” (hoti ekei estin) "That he was out there,'' at Bethany, Joh 11:55-57; Joh 12:1-2; Joh 13:1; Mat 26:2; Mar 14:1.

3) "For they came not for Jesus' sake only," (kai elthon ou dia ton lesoun monon) "And they came there not only because of Jesus," and His wide reputation for both His teaching and His doing good through miracles and healings, Act 10:38; Act 14:17.

4) "But that they might see Lazarus also,'' (all' hina kai

ton Lazaron -Idosin) "But also in order that they might see

Lazarus," who had gained renown by the Lord's raising

him from the dead, four days after his death and burial,

Joh 11:43-44.

5) "Whom he had raised from the dead." (hon egeiren ek nekron) "Whom he had raised out of and from the dead-- There were two great persons to see, as centers of attraction for the masses of the Jewish laity of the Lord, Jesus and Lazarus, the conqueror of death, and one of His special trophies, Rev 1:18.

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