John 12:8 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) ''For the poor always ye have with you," (tous ptochous gar pantote echete meth' heauton) 'Because you all have the poor always with you," or within your midst, before you, and among you, Mat 26:11; Mar 14:7; Deu 26:11-13; Deu 15:11

2) "But me ye have not always.'' (eme de ou pantote echete) "Yet you all do not have me always," as He repeatedly reminded them, Joh 12:35-36; Mat 26:11; Mar 14:7; Luk 5:34-35; Joh 16:28. Jesus was saying again, "my day of death and burial is near," Joh 8:21; Joh 13:33; Joh 16:5-7.

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