John 12:6 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "This he said,'' (eipen de touto) "Yet he said this," impulsively, and covetously.

2) "Not that he cared for the poor;” (ouch hoti peri ton ptochon emelen auto) "Not because the poor mattered to him," or not that he cared about them, in any degree of love or compassion.

3) "But because he was a thief," (all' hoti kleptes hen) "But because he was(existed as) a thief," a kleptomaniac. John evidently had proof of this accusation, for even the Lord had already alluded to him, as a devil among the twelve, Joh 6:70-71; Joh 13:29.

4) "And had the bag," (kai to glossokomon echon) "And he held control of the bag," of money for the disciples, or of the purse box from which he appears to have habitually pilfered, or appropriated frequently for his personal benefit. The box or chest in the temple, for similar use, had a hole in it and the people cast in their contributions.

5) "And bare what was put therein." (ta ballomena ebastazen) "And carried the things (valuables) that were put in it," the contributions made by disciples of the Lord and those who came to hear His teachings and see and benefit from His miracles, These gifts were used for expenses of the disciples and His witnesses in travel with Him. The phrase "bare what was put therein,'' literally means he was taking away by stealth, purloining, or absconding from the offerings,

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