John 12:49 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "For I have not spoken of myself;- (hoti ego eks emautou ouk elalesa) "Because I did not speak out of or from myself," or just for myself, as a mere man speaks, Joh 5:30; Joh 7:16-17; Joh 7:28-29; Joh 8:26; Joh 8:28; Joh 8:38. He did not speak of His own resources.

2) "But the Father which sent me," (all' ho pempsas me pater) "But the Father who has sent me," Joh 14:10; Joh 14:31.

3) "He gave me a commandment," (autos moi entolen dedoken) "He has given me a commandment," a law, rule, or mandate, that I came to obey, to fulfill, or to do, Joh 3:16; Joh 6:38; Joh 11:4-5.

4) "What I should say," (ti eipo) "What I may say," or determinations and decisions I should make in all matters, Joh 5:30. He did not create His teachings, or originate them, is the idea.

5) "And what I should speak.'' (kai ti laleso) "And what I may speak," Joh 8:38; Joh 14:10; Joh 14:24, The Father gave Him the doctrine, yet He expressed it in the person of His humanity which did no wrong, Heb 7:26.

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