John 12:48 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "He that rejecteth me," (ho altheton eme) "The one who rejects me," when I am offered to him, indicating the privilege that every responsible person has of personally receiving Him or rejecting Him, as Savior and Lord, Joh 7:17.

2) "And receiveth not my words," (kai me lambanon ta hremata mou) "And receives not my words," Deu 18:15,19; Act 22:23, testimony and appeals, through fulfilled prophecy, through miracles that He did to attest the validity of His word, Joh 1:11; Mat 23:37; Joh 5:43-44.

3) "Hath one that judgeth him:- (echei ton krinonta auton) "He has the one judging him," one source of judgement, the embodied statement of truth, regarding right and wrong, as set forth in the Word of God, that renders men without excuse, Luk 16:25.

4) "The word that I have spoken,'' (ho logos hon elalesa) "The word which I spoke," or have spoken already, words of truth and inspiration, Joh 13:18; words accompanied repeatedly by miraculous signs, to validate my testimony as Divine, even as God validated words of Moses, Exo 4:4-5; Joh 20:30-31.

5) "The same shall judge him in the last day," (ekeinos krinei auton en te eschate hemera) "That word will judge him in the last or final day," the day of judgement. The Word of truth shall judge every man at His certain hour of Divine judgement, Heb 9:27; 1Co 3:8-15; Rev 20:12. Nothing personal, on the part of the judge, no prejudice, will enter into anyone's judgement. Each will be judged on the basis of his personal response to what he has heard and his opportunities of light.

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