John 12:47 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And if any man hear my words," (kai ean tis mou akouse ton hrematon) "And if anyone hears my words," summarizing His previous teachings, focusing attention, on the heart of His message of redemption, accountability, and judgement.

2) "And believe not," (kai me phulakse) "And keeps or guards them not,'' Joh 8:21; Joh 8:24.

3) ''I judge him not:" (ego ou krino auton) "I do not judge him,'' at this time, for I am come this time, not to judge, but to seek, and suffer, and save, Luk 19:10; Joh 5:45; Joh 8:15; Joh 8:26.

4) "For I came not to judge the world," (ou gar elthon hina krino ton kosmon) "For I came not in order that I might judge the world," the present world order, Joh 3:16-17.

5) "But to save the world." (all' hina soso ton kosmon) "But in order (for the purpose) that I might save the world," both mankind and the fallen, groaning universe that is also under the curse of sin, Rom 8:20-23; Act 3:20-21. Col 1:20; 1Co 15:24-28.

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