John 12:43 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "For they loved the praise of men," (egapesan gar ten doksan ton anthropon) "Because they loved (held prior affections for) the praise (plaudits) of men," the glory one might receive from men, an error of Balaam, who pursued a course of reward in popularity and applause, or the praise of men, Jud 1:11. They, as obstinate rulers were law- keeping -job- holders, Joh 4:4.

2) "More than the praise of God." (mallon eper ten doksan tou theou) "More than they loved or cared for the glory of God," the sanction of an holy God, who judges men on the basis of their purposes and intents of their hearts, as well as by their deeds; Mat 5:20; Mat 6:1-8; Mat 23:1-7; Mat 23:12, Rom 2:29. For those who confess Him openly shall one day have His high praise personally, Pro 28:13; Mat 10:32; Luk 12:8.

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