John 12:40 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "He hath blinded their eyes," (tetuphloken auton tous ophthalmous) "He has blinded their eyes," spiritually, Isa 6:9-10. After Israel willfully saw: 1) Fulfilled prophecies of Him, and 2) Miracles that He did, and willfully closed their eyes and stopped their ears, and would not believe, Joh 8:21; Joh 8:24.

2) "And hardened their heart;” (kai eporosen auton ten kardian) "And he has hardened their heart," after they had seen Him, heard His Father's voice from heaven, seen the miracles that He had done, benefited from them physically, but would not believe, Mat 23:37.

3) "That they should not see with their eyes," (hina me edosin tois ophthalmois) "In order that they might not see with their eyes," any more miracles that He would show them, except one, which was His resurrection, Mat 16:1-4.

4) "Nor understand with their heart," (kai noesosin te kardia) "And understand with the heart," having it blinded by the god of this world," 2Co 4:3-4.

5) "And be converted," (kai straphosin) "And might turn," from their chosen course of unbelief, which they followed, beyond God's day of limitation, Pro 29:1; Heb 4:7.

6) "And I should heal them." (kai iasomai autous) "And I will cure them," of the malady of sin and its judgement. Though none knows what day, what hour, or what moment God may withdraw His mercy and call to sinners to repentance, there is a day of limitation, Pro 1:20-31; 2Co 6:2; Heb 4:7; Luk 16:31.

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