John 12:36 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "While ye have light," (hos to phos echete) "While you all have the light;- Both John the Baptist and Jesus had witnessed that Jesus was (exists as) the Light of the world, the light giver, the center of all spiritual and eternal hope and help, Joh 1:4-9; Joh 8:12.

2) "Believe in the light." (pisteuete eisto phos) "You all believe in the light," that was prophesied, foretold, sa 9:2; Mal 4:2; Who has now come, t 4:15, 16 The phrase "children of light" means of influence, as lightbearers for Him.

1 ) "That ye may be the children of light." (hina huioi photos genesthe) "In order that you all may come to be (recognized as) heirs of light," heirs of Him who has brought life and immortality to light, 2Ti 1:10. You all should continually be light-reflectors to help others. For this is what Jesus had already called His own church-followers, Mat 5:15-16; Eph 5:8.

4) "These things spake Jesus," (tauta elalesen lesous) "These things Jesus spoke," explained, advised, or instructed to a mass of hearers, and to His disciples in a public place, Joh 21:25.

5) "And departed, and did hide himself from them." (kai apelthon ekrube ap' a uton) "And upon going away he was hidden from them, "to avoid an insurrection, or a mob scene at the Passover season, Joh 8:59; Joh 11:54.

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