John 12:35 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "Then Jesus said unto them," (eipen oun autois ho lesous) "Then Jesus said directly to them," to those who were slow-hearted believers, seeking more knowledge or understanding. They did not comprehend how or why the Messiah could or should die. Why, because their false teachers had not taught them truth concerning the ceremonies, or the sacrifices, or the prophecies, etc. See Isa 53:1-12.

2) "Yet a little while is the light with you." (eti mikron chronon to phos en humin estin) "Yet (for) a little time the light is (exists) among you all," the "light of the world," and the light and life-giving one, Joh 1:4-5; Joh 1:9; Joh 7:33; Joh 8:12. So little time is left to work that none should trifle it away in profitless speculation.

3) "Walk while ye have the light," (peripateite hos to phos echete) "You all walk while you have the light," or follow me while I give you light, understanding, guidance, from the old to the new covenant way of worship and service to my Father, Joh 8:12; Mat 5:15-16; Walk after me, and keep on walking, not after Moses, is the idea, Luk 9:23; Heb 3:1-6.

4) "Lest darkness come upon you:” (hina me skotia humas katalabe) "in order that the darkness not overtake you," and you can no longer walk, or work on, following me, and causing others to do the same, Joh 9:4; 2Co 4:4; 2Co 4:3; 1Th 5:4.

5) "For he that walketh in darkness," (kai ho peripaton en te skotia) "And the one who walks about in the darkness," trifling and fittering away time, in moral, ethical or questionable ways. These were among those who had followed "blind guides," of Phariseeism and Sadduceeism, and many were about to enter eternal darkness, without hope, while they had the light of the world before them, Mat 23:24; Mat 23:26.

6) "Knoweth not whither he goeth." (ouk oiden pou hupagei) "He does not know or perceive where he is going," does not realize the dangers and perils before him, Joh 11:10; Jer 13:16; 1Jn 2:11.

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