John 12:34 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "The people answered him," (apekrithe oun auto ho ochlos) "Then the crowd replied directly to him," rebutting His testimony that He was to be crucified, in the ultimate of humiliation, to redeem them from the curse of sin, Himself being cursed for them, Gal 3:13; Gal 6:14; Isa 5:11-12.

2) "We have heard out of the law,'' (hemeis ekousamen ek tou nomou) "We have heard out of and from the law," as recounted to us in the Old Testament Scriptures which they were to search, Joh 5:39; and which were "true from the beginning," Psa 119:160; Joh 10:34; Joh 15:25.

3) ''That Christ abideth forever:'' (hoti ho Christos menei eis ton aiona) ''That the Christ remains into the age," the Messiah-Redeemer should remain forever, based on Psa 72:17; Psa 102:23-27; Isa 9:7, Rom 5:18; Eze 37:25; Dan 7:14.

4) "And how sayest thou," (kai pos legeis su) "And how do you say," or can you then contend, or explain to us. They were slow of heart to believe, Luk 24:25-27; Luk 24:44-45.

5) "The Son of man must be lifted up?'' (hoti dei hupsothenai ton huion tou anthropou) "That it is necessary that the heir of man be lifted up?" as stated here, and in Joh 3:14-15; Joh 8:28. This is the general term for describing the manner of ghastly, heathen form of death by nailing a living criminal upright on a tree to let him die, Deu 21:23; Gal 3:13.

6) "Who is the Son of man?" (tis estin houtos ho huios tou anthropou) "Who is this heir of man, of mankind?" The answer is that He was, though He had told them, Luk 19:10.

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