John 12:3 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard," (he oun Mariam labousa litran murou nardou) "Then Mary took a pound of spikenard ointment;- Only John names Mary as the one who did the anointing of our Lord, as also recounted, Mat 26:6-13; Mar 14:3.

2) "Very costly," (pistekes polutimou) "Of pure spikenard and costly, expensive, or valuable," of high quality ointment, or very precious, Mat 26:7.

3) "And anointed the feet of Jesus," (eleipsen tous podas tou lesous) "Anointed the feet of Jesus;- There is no contradiction between John's account and that of Matthew and Mark who state that she poured it on Jesus' head; While Jesus Himself said "she poured it on my body;- This indicates that poured on the head it ran down upon His body, to His feet, Mat 26:12; Mar 14:8; as also described Psa 133:2.

4) "And wiped his feet with her hair:" (kai eksemaksen tais thriksin autes tous podas auton) “And with her hair she wiped off his feet," as her final act of anointing His body, before His burial, a memorial tribute to the faith of this Godly woman, an act commended of the Lord, Mat 26:13.

5) "And the house was filled," (he do oikia eplerothe) "Then the house or residence was filled," caused to be filled, or had spread in the air, through all the house.

6) "With the odour of the ointment." (ek tes osmes tou murou) "Out of, from, or with the odour or fragrance of the ointment;- Yet the fragrance of her deed spreads over the earth, wherever this Gospel story is told, as a memorial to her and her faith in the burial and triumphant hope of the resurrection of her Lord, Mar 14:9.

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