John 12:29 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "The people therefore, that stood by," (ho oun ochlos ho hestos) "The crowd that was standing," nearby, near where He had been speaking and had prayed to His Father, Joh 12:23-28.

2) "And hearing it, said," (kai akousas elegen) "And listening or giving heed, said;- They heard the voice of the Father, but indistinctly, not clearly, and they surmised or supposed to one another,

3) "That it thundered," (bronten gegonenai) "That it had thundered," that the clouds had given off a thunder in the distance. That John did not conceal or cover up the doubts of the people, attests his integrity.

4) "Others said, an angel spake to him." (alloi elegon angelos) "Others said, an angel has spoken to him," Heb 1:14, perhaps judging from the appearance of Jesus, or having overheard the Father's voice more clearly, supposed it to be an angel that had spoken. For the Pharisees believed in their existence, though the Sadducees did not, Act 23:8; and angels did then audibly communicate with men, Mat 1:20; Luk 2:8-16; Mat 28:2-7; Act 1:10-11.

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