John 12:27 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Now is my soul troubled;" (nun he psuche mou tetaraktai) "Now, and to continue, my soul has been troubled," with anxious care and emotional conflict, as He knew what kind of humiliation and death He faced, in a few hours. This is proof of His humanity, as well as His need of rest, food, and sleep, yet without sin, Heb 4:15-16; Heb 7:26.

2) "And what shall I say?" (kai ti eipo) "And what may I say?" Shall I question your judgement, even of my own decision? The answer is "no." For the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. The spirit is the stronger, to do and to suffer all that the Father wills, which He had come to do, Joh 6:38.

3) "Father, save me from this hour:” (pater soson me ek tes horas tautes) "Father save me out of this hour,'' or deliver me from this experience? Nay, His spirit repelled the weak desire of the flesh, as He suffered and tasted death for all, for every man, Heb 2:9; Php_2:5-7; 1Pe 2:24.

4) "But for this cause came I unto this hour." (alla dia touto elthon eis ten horan tauten)"But on account of this I came into this hour," or for this purpose, to suffer, to die, to rise again, to glorify your name, uphold or reflect your honor and integrity, Luk 22:53; Joh 18:37. For without death His life would have been fruitless, as a seed preserved, but never sown.

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