John 12:26 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "If any man serve me," lean emoi tis diakone emoi) "If anyone serves me," as my child, my obedient disciple, in common service, Joh 14:15; Joh 15:14.

2) "Let him follow me;” (apoloutheito) "Let or allow him to follow me," or to be following me, continually, steadfastly, without fainting or falling by the wayside, Luk 9:23; 1Co 15:57-58; Gal 6:9; Mat 16:24.

3) "And where I am," (kai hopou eimi ego) "And where I am or exist," in heaven, Joh 13:36-38. The idea is that the Lord would ask none to walk or work under circumstances of life, in following Him, where He had not first gone, Heb 4:15-16; 1Co 10:13.

4) "There shall also my servant be:” (ekei kai ho diakonos ho emos estai) "Out there my common servant will also be found," for as Shepherd and Lord, I will not lead him wrong, Joh 14:3; Joh 17:24; 1Th 4:17.

5) "If any man serve me," (ean tis emoi diakone) "If anyone serves me," as my disciple, my deacon-like servant, as I have called him to do, Rom 6:6, Gal 5:13; Col 3:24; 1Th 1:9.

6) "Him will my Father honour." (timesei auton ho pater) "The Father will honor him," without fail, with certain recognition and rewards, Joh 14:21; Joh 14:23; Joh 16:27; 2Ti 4:7-8.

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