John 12:24 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "Verily, verily, I say unto you," (amen amen lego humin) "Truly, truly, I assert to you all," in parabolic language.

2) "Except a corn of wheat," lean me ho kokkos tou, sitou) "Unless the grain of wheat," typifying Christ in His lowest state, the state of death, which He "tasted for every man, - Heb 2:9; 1Co 15:36.

3) "Fall into the ground and die," (peson eis ten gen apothane) "Upon falling into the ground dies," for the way to glory and new life is through death, which is "gain" for every believer, and to be in the "presence of the Lord," Php_1:21, 2Co 5:8.

4) "It abideth alone:” (autos monos menei) "It remains alone," unproductive, inactive. Unsown seed does not reproduce. It must be sown or planted. This alludes to Divine, eternal life that existed in Jesus by nature, which was predestined to bear fruit in others, only after the order and by means of His death and resurrection, 1Co 15:1-4; 1Co 15:12-22.

5) "But if it die," lean de apothane) "Yet if it dies," is buried in the earth, with dormant germ of life in it, after its kind, Gen 1:11-12. The end of the grain that dies is the first step to a new harvest.

6) "It bringeth forth much fruit." (polun karpon pherei) "it bears much fruit," of its nature and kind; The law of the seed is the law of human life and human experience. Men must sow seed to reap grain of an harvest of fruit. They must be willing to die daily, live the life they live daily, for the honor of Christ Jesus and others, Gal 6:14; Ecc 11:4-6. True believers must die to self, that Christ in them may fruitfully live in many others, Mar 8:35; Joh 15:5; Joh 15:8; 2Pe 1:4-14.

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