John 12:2 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "There they made him a supper," (epoiesan oun auto deipnon ekei) ''Then they made a supper for him out there,'' as a tribute of honor to Him. The "they" who made the supper, tribute meal, banquet, in honor of Jesus, is believed to have been the families of Lazarus and Simon the Leper, in Simon the Leper's house, Mar 14:3; Mat 26:6.

2) "And Martha served;” (kai he Martha diekonei) "And a served, as a waitress," at the supper, which was her peculiar choice of province, Luk 10:40-41. Jesus came into Bethany six days before the Passover, Joh 12:1, but the banquet at Simon's residence was not until two days before the Passover, Mat 26:6; Mar 14:1; Mar 14:3; Joh 13:29.

3) "But Lazarus was one of them," (ho de Lazaros eis hen ek ton) "And Lazarus was one of those," at the banquet, as perhaps a guest of honor, thankful for his restored life from the dead, as Simon was for his healing and restoration to his family and public social life.

4) "That sat at the table with him." (anakeimenon sun auto) "Who was reclining with him at the supper," with Jesus to eat, to sustain his strength, and to fellowship with the Savior who loved him as a human being, a friend, Joh 11:3; and as Jesus ate with His disciples, as a friend, after His resurrection, Luk 24:43.

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