John 12:17 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "The people therefore that was with him," (emarturei oun ho ochlos ho on met' autou) "Then the crowd of people who were with him, who witnessed," the recent miracle at Bethany, the disciples who had come with Him from Perea, the sisters of Lazarus --- Martha and Mary, and the many devout Jewish women who had wept with Martha and Mary for four days, and many others who stood by, Joh 11:30-42.

2) "When he called Lazarus out of the grave,'' (hote ton Lazaron ephonesen ek tou mnemeiou) "When he called Lazarus out of the tomb," with a loud voice, called him forth by name, personally, Joh 11:43-44.

3) "And raised him from the dead, bare record." (kai egeiren auton ek nekron) "And when he raised him out of and away from the dead," reported it, told it, scattered the report abroad, Joh 11:45-46; Joh 12:9-11; Luk 19:37. And Luke explains that they rejoiced and praised God "with a loud voice," for all the "mighty works that they had seen." They could not forebear, would not keep silent, Act 4:18,20; 5:28, 29.

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