John 12:12 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary


1 ) "On the next day," (te epaurion) "On the following day," after the meal in the home of Simon the Leper, with Jesus and Lazarus as guests, Joh 12:2-11; Mar 14:1-9.

2) "Much people that were come to the feast," (ho ochlos polus ho elthon eis ten heorte) "The large crowd that was coming to the feast," of the Passover, that was now only one day away, Mat 26:1-2; Mat 26:6-13. The large crowd coming to the annual Passover was from many provinces of that area, especially from Galilee and Perea where Jesus was widely known.

3) "When they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem," (akousantes hoti erchetai lesous eis lersosluma) "Upon hearing that Jesus was coming into Jerusalem," from Bethany, where He had been for at least four days, Joh 12:1. The rumor or report was likely circulated by those who had seen Him or heard of His presence in Bethany, at the memorial feast given the previous day by Simon the Leper, Mat 21:4; Mat 26:6; Mar 14:3.

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