John 12:11 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Because that by reason of him," (hoti di' auton) "Because on account of him" as a result of his resurrection and his testimony, that of his sisters, the Jewish women who had mourned his death, and many others who stood by his grave when Jesus prayed to His Father and called Lazarus from the dead, Joh 11:19; Joh 11:31; Joh 11:36; Joh 11:41-45.

2) "Many of the Jews went away," (polloi hupegon ton loudaion) "Many of the Jews went," after him, from Jerusalem away from Judaism, went out to Bethany where Jesus was, Joh 12:1.

3) "And believed on Jesus." (kai episteuon eis ton lesous) "And they believed or trusted in Jesus," Joh 12:17-18, as a result of their going, hearing, and seeing Him and the fruits of His ministry, Joh 11:45; Joh 20:30-31.

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