John 11:9 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "Jesus answered," (apekrithe lesous) "Jesus responded," to them, to their anxiety over both His welfare and their own.

2) "Are there not twelve hours in the day?" (ouchi dodeka horai eisin tes hemeras) "Are there not twelve hours of the day?" Of the day-light when men are to work, to pursue livelihood, in spite of his environment and dangers in pursuit of his labors, Joh 9:4-5.

3) "If any man walketh in the day, he stumbleth not," lean tis peripate en te hemera ou proskoptei) "If anyone walks around in the daylight hours, he does not stumble." If he walks 1 ) First, at the proper time, while it is light, a time one is less likely to stumble, and 2) Second, while he yet has opportunity to choose and to serve. The time for our Lord's doing good was while He had opportunity and men cried out to Him for help, Joh 12:35.

4) "Because he seeth the light of this world." (hoti to phos tou kosmou toutou blepei) "Because he sees the light of this world," of this world order or arrangement, the sun which lights the day, Gen 1:16. This is the natural order of a physical walk and daily service for one's own good and that of his fellowman. The light of daytime, of this world order of service, is a parallel to Jesus Christ who was and is the true Light of the world, Joh 1:4-6.

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