John 11:8 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "His disciples say unto him, Master," (legousin auto hoi mathetai hrabbi) "The disciples say (said) directly to him, Rabbi," or respectful teacher, concerned about His safety and not fully comprehending His mission.

2) "The Jews of late sought to stone thee;” (nun ezetoun se lithasai hoi loudaioi) "Now the Jews were and are seeking to stone you;- They still have it in their hearts to do the very thing they were intent on when we left there only a few weeks ago, Joh 10:31; Joh 10:39; as they had previously done also, as recounted Joh 8:59 and as prophesied, Psa 2:2.

3) "And goest thou thither again?" (kai palin hupageis ekei) "And are you going out there again?" So soon? They were fearful, both for His life and their own, Joh 11:16. But Jesus did not count His life dear, selfishly, for Himself alone. As the good shepherd He was willing to give, to lay down His life in behalf of His sheep, Joh 10:11; Joh 10:18.

How different this attitude was from that of His own fraternal brothers, Joh 7:3-5.

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