John 11:56 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Then sought they for Jesus," (ezetoun oun ton lesous) "Then they sought Jesus," looked or searched for Him, those Jews who had believed on Him while He was at Bethany and perhaps other believing Jews; They had come, hoping to see Him at the Passover occasion, Joh 11:44-45, as they had done on a former occasion, Joh 7:1-2; Joh 7:10 -14.

2) "And spake among themselves," (kai elegon met' allelon) "And they conversed with one another," spoke favorably and hopefully to one another, Psa 107:2. John the writer of this Gospel, had moved among them and heard their conversations, Joh 21:24-25; 1Jn 1:1; 1Jn 1:3; 1Jn 1:5.

3) "As they stood in the temple," (en to hiero hestekotes) "As they were standing in the temple," after their purification, awaiting in suspense, conversing about the possible arrival of Jesus.

4) "What think ye," (ti dokei humin) "What does it seem to you?" or what do you think?" Each wanted to know the opinion of the other, for the miracle of Lazarus' resurrection had become known to all in that area of Judea and the hatred of the religious rulers against Him, even to their death decree against Him, Joh 11:47-53.

5) "That he will not come to the feast?" (hoti ou me elthe eis ten heorten) "That he will by no means come to the feast?" which He had attended three former times during His public ministry, of the previous three and one half years.

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