John 11:55 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And the Jews' passover was nigh at hand:” (hen de engus to pascha ton loudaion) "Then was near the time of the passover of the Jews," the fourth and last mentioned during our Lord's ministry, Joh 5:1; Joh 6:4.

2) "And many went out of the country up to Jerusalem," (kai anebesan polloi eis lerosoluma ek tes choras) "And many went up into Jerusalem out of the country," from the area of Ephraim where Jesus had retreated, Joh 11:54.

3) "Before the passover," (pro tou pascha) "Before the time of the passover," to arrive there perhaps at least one week before the Passover, for purposes of purification, required of those who observed the Passover, Num 9:1-14; 2Ch 29:34; Exo 12:3; Exo 12:6; Exo 12:18.

4) "To purify themselves." (hina hagnisosin heautous) "In order that they might purify themselves," from Levitical uncleanliness. Some purifications required a full week, while others required only time to shave the head and wash and dry one's clothes, 2Ch 30:3; Exo 12:48; Joh 18:28. The time required for purification lasted from one to six days, Exo 19:10-11; Act 21:23-26; Num 6:1-10.

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